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Getting your business on the web has become a necessity today! We strongly suggest SME's to automate their workflow to expand their business. A web application keeps your business organized and helps you take informed decisions.

Web applications lets you to focus on core aspects of business, rather than spending hours on mundane tasks.

You've got an idea for a application? Give us a call and we'll help you build an app around it.

What you can expect

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Project Planning

Once a project kicks off, we create a roadmap with high level overview of deliverables presented on a timeline.

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Effective Communication

Constant and clear communication is the key to expedited product development. Our communication is streamlined, we present the issues, listen and act on feedback.

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Scalable Application

We understand that, there is always a room for new features in an application. We plan the DB architecture with maximum possibility for expansion.

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Performance Reports

Once your app is live, we monitor your application and keep you posted on performance issues. We also provide suggestions on how to improve you application performance as it scales.

Our Tech Stack


Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a dynamic and flexible language that allows programmers to build application in a short time frame. It is easy to deploy and scale.


PHP is the most widely used programming language across the web. It works almost in all types of host and is mostly used to build small and medium scale applications.


HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the internet. HTML is used to build the frontend skeleton of your application.


CSS is a style sheet language. It is used to add styles to your HTML elements. It adds aesthetic value for your User Interface.


Jquery is a JavaScript library used to handle interactions, animations and events on the frontend. It is also used to communicate with the Backend when used with AJAX.


AngularJS is a framework that gives the frontend developers to leverage the advantage of MVC. It is generally used to build Single Page Applications.